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SelecTV IPTV Review | Best New IPTV Provider

  • Over 10000+ Channels
  • FHD, HD & Channels
  • Free Trial
  • Support for All Devices
  • 30000+ VODs
  • TV Guide / EPG
  • Multi Connection Packages
  • 99.9% Uptime

SelecTV IPTV Review | Best New IPTV Provider. SelecTV is a brand new service provider in the sphere of IPTV. Additionally, the thinktank behind the birth of this IPTV provider is to hand over the best in a budget-friendly way. More precisely, SelecTV is the most versatile and sleek service in the town.

Removing all the stumbling rocks like illicit content, high prices, limited content, and no reliability has up-lifted their standard.


January 2021 was the launching day of SelecTV. Therefore, its makers have developed it in a highly modernized manner. Further, the latest technology has covered all the past issues faced by IPTV users.

It’s significant to mention the plus points of this remarkable service:

  • Superb Collection of latest Channels
  • Updated VoD section
  • Heterogeneity in content
  • Use of Latest Technology
  • Legal streams
  • No compatibility issue
  • Budget-friendly packages
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • Happy Customers

These are the solid and the most popular points whenever subscribing to any services. Finally, we have SelecTV, who is completely standing on these worthy pillars.

Category Details Rating
Free Trial 3 Hours Good
Channels 10000+ SD, HD, FHD Excellent
Regions USA, Canada, UK, Latino, All European, Arabic + many more Good
Devices Android, MAG, M3U, STBEmu, Smart IPTV, Formuler, Firestick, iOS + more Excellent
Video On Demand 30,000+ Movies & TV Shows OK
Multi-room 2 devices and 3 devices Excellent
Payment Methods Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin & Crypto Excellent


Let’s have a detailed review:

Superb Collection of Latest Channels

This spectacular service provider gives you access to more than 10,000 channels. As a newbie having command over this many channels is quite impressive.

Another startling feature is the constant updates, and they will add up the latest channels in your playlists. In this way, you will witness more and more high-quality content.


You will experience diversity in its channels list and content. Moreover, SelecTV will not bound you with a particular genre of streams. There is a colossal list of channels on sports, local ones, news, network, entertainment, movies, and the counting goes on!

International Content

10,000+ channels are from all over the globe. It’s an international service provider so, every individual can enjoy local and multi-national content. A bonus point!

VoD Section

Some old IPTV providers don’t even have the section of VoD. This newly-born has a colossal and updated section of Video on Demand.

BANG! There are about 20,000+ movies on demand. This figure is quite big. In short, you can enjoy as much as you can! SelecTV carries on the same assortment in the VoD section as in the channels.

Usage of the Current Technology

The main point in their objective is to deliver the content with zero buffering!

Yes, the issue of buffering has lessened the credibility of many service providers. Additionally, this hurdle also triggers anxiety in the users. Therefore, SelecTV’s objective is to help drop-shipping the quality content for their consumers.

“The more your service is adorned with technology, the better results it will have.”

Legal Streams

IPTV has lost its renowned credibility over the last decade. Further, the reason behind this loss is the streaming of illicit content.

Eventually, all of this results in the misplaying of the user’s trust. SelecTV has the credibility to ensure its consumers that all displayed content is legal. Another bonus point in SelecTV’s reliability. Indeed, their slogan of “Stability & Reliability” is proving itself!


SelecTV is comfortable with almost all of the devices. No issue is seen in this category. But, for the ease of audience, we will list the compatible devices:

  • Android TV Box
  • Android Mobile phones/ Tablets etc.
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • MAG devices

And the counting goes on.

Budget-Friendly Packages

Along with these many services, they do offer 3 hours free trial. Time to display the monthly packages according to the number of connections.

1 Connection 2 Connections 3 Connections
1 Month – 17$ 1 Month – 23$ 1 Month – 28$
3 Months – 36$ 3 Months – 46$ 3 Months – 56$
6 Months – 62$ 6 Months – 80$ 6 Months -88$
12 Months – 88$ 12 Months – 111$ 12 Months – 133$

24/7 Customer Care

SelecTV’s team is 24/7 available to hear your queries as their ultimate goal is to have HAPPY CUSTOMERS! You can contact them through email [email protected] and phone number: (002)-712-156.

Final Verdict

SelecTV is a newly-launched but trustworthy service provider. Further, we have checked it from every angle, and it’s superb! Overall, we highly recommend this service!