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IPTVSensation Review

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IPTVSensation Review

The selection of IPTV providers is expanding every single day, so it is essential for you to choose wisely when you decide which of the Best IPTV subscription package is right for you. There are a few things the right IPTV provider must have:

• A large selection of premium TV channels,
• A solid video on demand service,
• A reasonably low price and
• Reliability


IPTVSensation Review Table

Category Details Rating
Free Trial 24 hours Good
Channels 3,000+ SD, HD, FHD Good
Regions USA, Canada, UK, Latino, Brazil, European, Arabic + many more Excellent
Devices Android, MAG, M3U, STBEmu, Smart IPTV, Formuler, Firestick, iOS + more Excellent
Video On Demand 10,000+ Movies & TV Shows + 24/7 Channels including International Excellent
Multi-room 1 device, 2 devices Good
Payment Methods Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB Good




IPTV has grown in popularity in a relatively short space of time and IPTVSensation have been there since 2019 providing a first-class service . They quickly managed to gain a significant number of loyal customers, as they offer high-quality content and a substantial amount of TV channels. More importantly, their list of channels has been carefully chosen and are available in high definition.

This IPTV provider is trying to be a bit different from the competition, and in their service, you will find several interesting features that other IPTV providers don’t have, or charge extra for.

Whats most impressive about IPTVSensation IPTV service is its compatibility with a large number of devices and the stability and reliability of their streams. They have powerful streaming servers that will ensure you will be able to watch TV content without any freezing and buffering.

Setting up IPTVSensation is pretty easy and straightforward, so even the less experienced people will be able to set up everything in just a few minutes.




Nowadays, most of the IPTV providers offer just one package and IPTVSensation are no different. Customers have just one all-in package to choose, but that package can only be purchased on a yearly basis. Sign up for a year and you will save big.

The IPTVSensation subscription time packages:

• 72-hour pass – 4.99 USD
• Subscription for 1 connection – 9.16 USD
• Subscription for 3 connections – 11.60 USD

As you can see, one month costs 11.60 USD, but you get to use the same subscription in up to three different devices at the same time. You can buy the subscription packages directly from IPTVSensation, or you can contact one of the trusted and respected resellers and buy the product from them. They accept several payment methods, such as VISA and Maestro credit and debit cards, American Express and Discover.



Content Available

Content is key to us recommending any subscription service. IPTVSensation offers a vast number of carefully selected list of TV channels and a massive video on demand library.

Live TV – at IPTVSensation you will be able to enjoy in the impressive number of different TV channels. They focus on live channels and provide all of the best premium UK and US channels, and besides sports, you can enjoy a huge selection of news, entertainment and international TV channels from around the world.

Video-on-demand – they have a solid video on demand library, that boosts some of the top rated movies and TV shows that can be streamed buffer free in HD on any device.

IPTVSensation offer their clients a nice Electronic Program Guide(EPG). This guide is updated weekly, so the customers don’t need to waste time searching for the content they want to watch.



Quality & Reliability

When we talk about the best IPTV providers, we always try to answer to the same questions regarding the quality of the service provided, buffering, and how well the servers work during peak hours. We used IPTVSensation for an extended period of time, and we didn’t have any problems with their service. There was occasional buffering with their live TV service but their video-on-demand service was buffer free. Switching channels runs smoothly and loading times are short. Streams are high quality, and most importantly if any problems arise, IPTVSensation will fix it quickly.




One of IPTVSensation main strengths is the fact that they are compatible with a large number of devices. Some of the popular and available ways to watch IPTVSensation are on a MAG Box, Dreamlink, Buzz TV, Formular, M3U Playlist, VLC, Perfect Player, GSE IPTV, Kodi, Android, iOS, and Web TV Player (Browser).

On the IPTVSensation website, you will be able to find comprehensive tutorials on how you can set up every device. If you still found it difficult, you can always contact their responsive and helpful customer support that can be reached over contact form or via ticket.




IPTVSensation android app is superb. Get setup and watching your favourite content in minutes.
• Can be used on multiple devices
• Supports more playback options
• Offers more features
• Username/password login
• View your account info
• Full EPG Support
• Setup your favorites
• Parental Control
• Recording/Catchup feature
• Live TV/VOD/TV
• VOD Info / TV Series Info




IPTVSensation is a quality IPTV provider that we are happy to recommend. They offer their customers quality content, a reliable service and a reasonable price. For a price as low as 9.16 USD per month (on 12-month subscription) there are not many providers that will offer you such a pleasurable and exciting IPTV experience.

For the amount of content they offer, they are most definitely one of the better choices when it comes to IPTV providers.