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Comstar.tv IPTV Review

Perfect balance of features

  • Over 7,500+ Channels
  • PPV Events
  • FHD, HD & SD Channels
  • Modify your Channel List
  • 24/7 TV Shows
  • Support for All Devices
  • Over 9000 Movies
  • TV Guide / EPG
  • Support for All Devices


Comstar.tv IPTV gives you a way to watch all your favorite TV channels online. Subscribers can watch shows, movies, news, and sports. It doesn’t matter if you live in or outside the United States, everyone gets access to the same number of live premium TV channels and VOD content. Anyone who thinks the best channels are available for English speaking countries only are sadly mistaken. There are over 50 countries, each has live premium TV channels and VOD. But not all countries have an on-demand movie category and TV series category.  If you are bilingual or multilingual, ComstarTV has plenty to watch in the language you prefer. Cost-wise, you are not burdened with the high-cost of cable or satellite TV. There is no set-top box or antenna to install. No hidden fees, local sports blockout, or contract cancellation fee.

Comstar IPTV Review Table

Category Details Rating
Free Trial 48 Hours Excellent
Channels 7500+ SD, HD, FHD Excellent
Regions USA, Canada, UK, Latino, Brazil, European, East Europe, Asian, India, Arabic + more Excellent
Devices Android, MAG, M3U, STBEmu, Smart IPTV, Formuler, Firestick, iOS + more Excellent
Video On Demand 9000+ Movies & TV Shows + 24/7 Channels including International Excellent
Multi-room 1 device, discount available for 2+ devices Good
Payment Methods Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Paypal, Bitcoin & Crypto Excellent

There are a huge amount of IPTV providers claiming to The Best IPTV service and while some are good, we at IPTVReporter only recommend the very best.  Any IPTV service we list on our recommended list has to go through 3 rounds of rigorous testing. We test everything an IPTV service claims to offer and only the ones that pass every test make the cut.

Reliability is by far the most important thing all of our readers ask about and Comstar.tv have it in abundance! They have super responsive customer support and are compatible with all of the main devices. Trustpilot reviews for Comstar.tv are good, although a huge issue in the IPTV world is competitors leaving bad reviews – you will notice this more and more. This was one of the main reasons we started this website. Honest, un-biased reviews ALWAYS!


Comstar IPTV is a by no means a new provider. They have been offering IPTV for over 2 years, which in the IPTV world is a lifetime. They are constantly adding to their service offering new regions, some video-on-demand and some 24/7 channels like 24/7 Friends, Seinfeld, Family Guy, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and many more. In fact they have 50 24/7 channels and the list is growing all the time. One amazing fact about Comstar IPTV is that their trials and subscriptions are issued immediately after placing an order.

Comstar IPTV Subscription Packages

Comstar IPTV are upfront and clear when it comes to their subscription packages. They offer one all-inclusive package that is discounted for longer subscription periods. In fact they were one of the first to offer this model and many other simply copied as they saw how successful it was. There are four subscriptions to choose from. We strongly recommend the 6 or 12 month package as the savings are substantial. There are five Comstar subscription packages:

48-hour full trial – FREE
7 days (1 week) -$7.99
1 month – $14.99
3 months – $29.99
6 months – $49.99 (Most popular)
12 months – $79.99

As you can see by choosing the 6 or 12 month packages you can save up to $100.00 over the course of a year. One of the huge benefits to choosing Comstar.tv as your IPTV provider is they don’t resell their service. This might not sound like much but resellers kill good IPTV services –  just look at what happened to Vaders –  multiple resellers popped up practically overnight giving out free trials and put so much pressure on their services and servers that the quality and reliability hit rock bottom.

Comstar IPTV Payment Methods

Comstar.tv accepts all major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Maestro, American Express and also Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies (this is important if you care about your privacy).  Your subscription is automatically issued after succesful payment – We received our subscription details within a minute of payment confirmation.

Comstar IPTV Content Available

We tend to shy away from recommending IPTV providers that offer massive amounts of channels and for good reason usually. It takes a lot of work to maintain. However, we simply could not have a true list of the best IPTV Providers without mentioning Comstar IPTV. Their offering and reliability is second to none in our opinion.

Live TV: Comstar’s live TV selection is more that impressive, its awesome! US, UK, CA, Brazil, Latino, India, Asian and nearly all European content is covered. Massive selection of premium sports and movie channels from all major regions offered in HD. But it gets better, they also have a great selection of Irish, German, Turkish and Arabic channels. For sports fans there are dedicated NFL, NBA, EPL, F1, MMA and the list goes on.

Video on Demand: If you are a fan of movies and TV series, Comstar.tv IPTV has you covered. Their video on demand library is huge, and all their content comes in HD resolution!

Comstar.tv IPTV free Android App interface (Android Box, Firestick, Phone, or Tablet)

Comstar IPTV Channel List

Comstar IPTV has over 7,500 channels with most offered in HD. All of the major premium channels and tv networks from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Estern Europe, South America, India and Asia. A great and valuable feature of Comstar.tv is that you can edit and change your channel list (delete the countries you don’t need)! – This feature plus the free 48 hour FULL trial makes Comstar one of the top value IPTV Services out there. To change your channel list, you need to go into the client area and select your active service.

Quality & Reliability

Comstar.tv is by far one of the most reliable IPTV services on the market. During our tests carried out over a 3 month period from October to December 2019 the service was up 100% of the time. We found no loss of channels. Although their customer support is ticket-based, they were quick to respond to any of our queries. As always we contact support from an anonymous account and ask lots of questions and and report problems to get a real judgement of their support. They were great every time we contact. They went above and beyond what you would expect. You have to remember… IPTV providers are not huge companies with 100s of staff but these guys sure felt like it!


You won’t find many reliable IPTV providers that offer a wider range of compatibility. The service can be used on the go with their own dedicated app. It is also compatible with Windows, VLC, STB Emu, Enigma 2, MAG devices, Amazon Firesticks, Smart TV(LG & Samsung), KODI, ROKU, Apple TV, Dreamlink + many more – and if that’s not good enough, they have a setup guide for each on their website.


In conclusion, if you choose Comstar you won’t be disappointed and you most certainly wont be stuck for something to watch. Their service is up there with the best we have reviewed. They have a good selection of video-on-demand and 24/7 and their customer support is so nice to deal with. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed!