An overview of MAG

MAG boxes are some of the most robust streaming media players. IPTV users choose them for their speed, Simplicity, and excellent streaming performance. The user interface is simple and responsive, channel switching is quick and you receive all the features required to get the most out of your IPTV service.

MAG is an official infomir product, a very reliable, secure and user friendly box with STB system. The box has been reviewed best in all IPTV boxes, and it’s very easy to use. The user who isn’t much technology friendly is going to love this box. The company has released many new versions of the box including, MAG 250, MAG 256, MAG 322, MAG 322W, MAG 422, and MAG 422W.


How to setup IPTV on a MAG device

Step 1: When the box is being loaded the main portal screen appears. After that click on “settings”, press remote button “SETUP/SET


Step 2: Then press on “System settings” and click on “Servers”.


Step 3: Select “Portals”.


Step 4: In the “Portal 1 name” line enter the following ” IPTV “.
In the “Portal 1 URL” enter the portal address provided by your IPTV distributor.


Step 5: When all the operations listed above is done, then press “OK”.
When the settings are being saved click “EXIT” on the remote control and press option “General”.
In the “NTP server,” line enter the following address “ or“ for North America.


Press “OK” to save the changes you made.

When all the steps listed above are done press”EXIT” 2 times on the remote control and restart the portal.

Now everything is ready to start watching Live TV…